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OpenStack (Essex) nova.conf

2012/05/03: commit: 1209af45525ed5a58d620a9da92939d39a3d2d9f より




BoolOpt Allow destination machine to match source for resize. Useful when testing in single-host environments. allow_resize_to_same_host false
StrOpt File name for the paste.deploy config for nova-api api_paste_config api-paste.ini
BoolOpt whether to rate limit the api api_rate_limit true
StrOpt The strategy to use for auth. Supports noauth, keystone, and deprecated. auth_strategy noauth
IntOpt Seconds for auth tokens to linger auth_token_ttl 3600
StrOpt AWS Access ID aws_access_key_id admin
StrOpt AWS Access Key aws_secret_access_key admin
IntOpt interval to pull bandwidth usage info bandwith_poll_interval 600
StrOpt Directory where nova binaries are installed bindir $pybasedir/bin
BoolOpt Cache glance images locally cache_images true
StrOpt full class name for the Manager for cert cert_manager nova.cert.manager.CertManager
StrOpt the topic cert nodes listen on cert_topic cert
StrOpt The full class name of the compute API class to use compute_api_class nova.compute.api.API
StrOpt full class name for the Manager for compute compute_manager nova.compute.manager.ComputeManager
StrOpt the topic compute nodes listen on compute_topic compute
StrOpt Virtualization api connection type : libvirt, xenapi, or fake connection_type
StrOpt full class name for the Manager for console proxy console_manager nova.console.manager.ConsoleProxyManager
StrOpt the topic console proxy nodes listen on console_topic console
StrOpt the main RabbitMQ exchange to connect to control_exchange nova
BoolOpt Print debugging output debug false
StrOpt Name of network to use to set access ips for instances default_access_ip_network_name
StrOpt The default format a ephemeral_volume will be formatted with on creation. default_ephemeral_format
StrOpt default image to use, testing only default_image ami-11111
StrOpt default instance type to use, testing only default_instance_type m1.small
StrOpt the default project to use for openstack default_project openstack
StrOpt availability zone to use when user doesn't specify one default_schedule_zone
StrOpt the internal ip of the ec2 api server ec2_dmz_host $my_ip
StrOpt the ip of the ec2 api server ec2_host $my_ip
StrOpt the path prefix used to call the ec2 api server ec2_path /services/Cloud
IntOpt the port of the ec2 api server ec2_port 8773
StrOpt the protocol to use when connecting to the ec2 api server (http, https) ec2_scheme http
BoolOpt Allows use of instance password during server creation enable_instance_password true
ListOpt a list of APIs to enable by default enabled_apis ec2,osapi_compute,osapi_volume,metadata
BoolOpt If passed, use fake network devices and addresses fake_network false
BoolOpt If passed, use a fake RabbitMQ provider fake_rabbit false
StrOpt Firewall driver (defaults to iptables) firewall_driver nova.virt.firewall.IptablesFirewallDriver
StrOpt full class name for the DNS Manager for floating IPs floating_ip_dns_manager nova.network.dns_driver.DNSDriver
ListOpt A list of the glance api servers available to nova ([hostname|ip]:port) glance_api_servers $glance_host:$glance_port
StrOpt default glance hostname or ip glance_host $my_ip
IntOpt Number retries when downloading an image from glance glance_num_retries 0
IntOpt default glance port glance_port 9292
StrOpt Name of this node. This can be an opaque identifier. It is not necessarily a hostname, FQDN, or IP address. host nova
StrOpt The service to use for retrieving and searching images. image_service nova.image.glance.GlanceImageService
StrOpt full class name for the DNS Zone for instance IPs instance_dns_domain
StrOpt full class name for the DNS Manager for instance IPs instance_dns_manager nova.network.dns_driver.DNSDriver
StrOpt time period to generate instance usages for. Time period must be hour, day, month or year instance_usage_audit_period month
ListOpt Host reserved for specific images isolated_hosts
ListOpt Images to run on isolated host isolated_images
StrOpt Directory to use for lock files lock_path $pybasedir
StrOpt If this option is specified, the logging configuration file specified is used and overrides any other logging options specified. Please see the Python logging module documentation for details on logging configuration files. log-config
StrOpt Format string for %(asctime)s in log records. Default: %default log-date-format %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S
StrOpt (Optional) The directory to keep log files in (will be prepended to --logfile) log-dir
StrOpt (Optional) Name of log file to output to. If not set, logging will go to stdout. log-file
StrOpt A logging.Formatter log message format string which may use any of the available logging.LogRecord attributes. Default: %default log-format %(asctime)s %(levelname)8s [%(name)s] %(message)s
StrOpt Log output to a per-service log file in named directory logdir
StrOpt Log output to a named file logfile
StrOpt Default file mode used when creating log files logfile_mode 644
ListOpt Memcached servers or None for in process cache. memcached_servers
StrOpt the ip for the metadata api server metadata_host $my_ip
IntOpt the port for the metadata api port metadata_port 8775
BoolOpt Whether to log monkey patching monkey_patch false
ListOpt List of modules/decorators to monkey patch monkey_patch_modules 異様に長いので略!
StrOpt ip address of this host my_ip
StrOpt The full class name of the network API class to use network_api_class nova.network.api.API
StrOpt Driver to use for network creation network_driver nova.network.linux_net
StrOpt full class name for the Manager for network network_manager nova.network.manager.VlanManager
StrOpt the topic network nodes listen on network_topic network
StrOpt availability zone of this node node_availability_zone nova
StrOpt Default driver for sending notifications notification_driver nova.notifier.no_op_notifier
StrOpt kernel image that indicates not to use a kernel, but to use a raw disk image instead null_kernel nokernel
ListOpt Specify list of extensions to load when using osapi_compute_extension option with nova.api.openstack.compute.contrib.select_extensions osapi_compute_ext_list
MultiStrOpt osapi compute extension to load osapi_compute_extension nova.api.openstack.compute.contrib.standard_extensions
StrOpt Base URL that will be presented to users in links to the OpenStack Compute API osapi_compute_link_prefix
StrOpt Base URL that will be presented to users in links to glance resources osapi_glance_link_prefix
IntOpt the maximum number of items returned in a single response from a collection resource osapi_max_limit 1000
StrOpt the path prefix used to call the openstack api server osapi_path /v1.1/
StrOpt the protocol to use when connecting to the openstack api server (http, https) osapi_scheme http
ListOpt Specify list of extensions to load when using osapi_volume_extension option with nova.api.openstack.volume.contrib.select_extensions osapi_volume_ext_list
MultiStrOpt osapi volume extension to load osapi_volume_extension nova.api.openstack.volume.contrib.standard_extensions
IntOpt Length of generated instance admin passwords password_length 12
StrOpt Directory where the nova python module is installed pybasedir /usr/lib/python/site-packages
BoolOpt use durable queues in RabbitMQ rabbit_durable_queues false
StrOpt the RabbitMQ host rabbit_host localhost
IntOpt maximum retries with trying to connect to RabbitMQ (the default of 0 implies an infinite retry count) rabbit_max_retries 0
StrOpt the RabbitMQ password rabbit_password guest
IntOpt the RabbitMQ port rabbit_port 5672
IntOpt how long to backoff for between retries when connecting to RabbitMQ rabbit_retry_backoff 2
IntOpt how frequently to retry connecting with RabbitMQ rabbit_retry_interval 1
BoolOpt connect over SSL for RabbitMQ rabbit_use_ssl false
StrOpt the RabbitMQ userid rabbit_userid guest
StrOpt the RabbitMQ virtual host rabbit_virtual_host /
IntOpt Interval in seconds for reclaiming deleted instances reclaim_instance_interval 0
ListOpt list of region=fqdn pairs separated by commas region_list
BoolOpt Whether to start guests that were running before the host rebooted resume_guests_state_on_host_boot false
StrOpt Command prefix to use for running commands as root root_helper sudo
StrOpt hostname or ip for the instances to use when accessing the s3 api s3_dmz $my_ip
StrOpt hostname or ip for openstack to use when accessing the s3 api s3_host $my_ip
IntOpt port used when accessing the s3 api s3_port 3333
StrOpt full class name for the Manager for scheduler scheduler_manager nova.scheduler.manager.SchedulerManager
StrOpt the topic scheduler nodes listen on scheduler_topic scheduler
StrOpt The full class name of the security group handler class security_group_handler nova.network.quantum.sg.NullSecurityGroupHandler
IntOpt maximum time since last check-in for up service service_down_time 60
StrOpt The SQLAlchemy connection string used to connect to the database sql_connection sqlite:///$state_path/$sqlite_db
IntOpt timeout before idle sql connections are reaped sql_idle_timeout 3600
IntOpt maximum db connection retries during startup. (setting -1 implies an infinite retry count) sql_max_retries 10
IntOpt interval between retries of opening a sql connection sql_retry_interval 10
StrOpt the filename to use with sqlite sqlite_db nova.sqlite
BoolOpt If passed, use synchronous mode for sqlite sqlite_synchronous true
BoolOpt Whether to restart guests when the host reboots start_guests_on_host_boot false
StrOpt Top-level directory for maintaining nova's state state_path $pybasedir
StrOpt Stub network related code stub_network False
StrOpt syslog facility to receive log lines syslog-log-facility LOG_USER
BoolOpt Whether to use cow images use_cow_images true
BoolOpt use ipv6 use_ipv6 false
BoolOpt Log output to standard error use_stderr true
BoolOpt Use syslog for logging. use-syslog false
BoolOpt Print more verbose output verbose false
StrOpt The full class name of the volume API class to use volume_api_class nova.volume.api.API
StrOpt full class name for the Manager for volume volume_manager nova.volume.manager.VolumeManager
StrOpt the topic volume nodes listen on volume_topic volume
StrOpt image id used when starting up a cloudpipe vpn server vpn_image_id 0
StrOpt Suffix to add to project name for vpn key and secgroups vpn_key_suffix -vpn
IntOpt Number of seconds zombie instances are cleaned up. zombie_instance_updated_at_window 172800


ListOpt list of logger=LEVEL pairs default_log_levels amqplib=WARN,sqlalchemy=WARN,boto=WARN,suds=INFO,eventlet.wsgi.server=WARN
StrOpt If an instance is passed with the log message, format it like this instance_format [instance: %(uuid)s]
StrOpt format string to use for log messages with context logging_context_format_string %(asctime)s %(levelname)s %(name)s [%(request_id)s %(user_id)s %(project_id)s] %(instance)s%(message)s
StrOpt data to append to log format when level is DEBUG logging_debug_format_suffix from (pid=%(process)d) %(funcName)s %(pathname)s:%(lineno)d
StrOpt format string to use for log messages without context logging_default_format_string %(asctime)s %(levelname)s %(name)s [-] %(instance)s%(message)s
StrOpt prefix each line of exception output with this format logging_exception_prefix (%(name)s): TRACE:
BoolOpt publish error events publish_errors false


BoolOpt Whether to disable inter-process locks disable_process_locking false


StrOpt The backend to use for db db_backend sqlalchemy
StrOpt IP address for EC2 API to listen ec2_listen
IntOpt port for ec2 api to listen ec2_listen_port 8773
BoolOpt Services to be added to the available pool on create enable_new_services true
StrOpt Template string to be used to generate instance names instance_name_template instance-%08x
StrOpt IP address for metadata api to listen metadata_listen
IntOpt port for metadata api to listen metadata_listen_port 8775
StrOpt OpenStack metadata service manager metadata_manager nova.api.manager.MetadataManager
StrOpt IP address for OpenStack API to listen osapi_compute_listen
IntOpt list port for osapi compute osapi_compute_listen_port 8774
StrOpt IP address for OpenStack Volume API to listen osapi_volume_listen
IntOpt port for os volume api to listen osapi_volume_listen_port 8776
IntOpt seconds between running periodic tasks periodic_interval 60
IntOpt seconds between nodes reporting state to datastore report_interval 10
StrOpt The messaging module to use, defaults to kombu. rpc_backend nova.rpc.impl_kombu
StrOpt Template string to be used to generate snapshot names snapshot_name_template snapshot-%08x
StrOpt Template string to be used to generate instance names volume_name_template volume-%08x


StrOpt Filename of root CA ca_file cacert.pem
StrOpt Where we keep our root CA ca_path $state_path/CA
StrOpt Filename of root Certificate Revocation List crl_file crl.pem
StrOpt Filename of private key key_file private/cakey.pem
StrOpt Where we keep our keys keys_path $state_path/keys
StrOpt Subject for certificate for projects, %s for project, timestamp project_cert_subject /C=US/ST=California/O=OpenStack/OU=NovaDev/CN=project-ca-%.16s-%s
BoolOpt Should we use a CA for each project? use_project_ca false
StrOpt Subject for certificate for users, %s for project, user, timestamp user_cert_subject /C=US/ST=California/O=OpenStack/OU=NovaDev/CN=%.16s-%.16s-%s


StrOpt Rule checked when requested rule is not found policy_default_rule default
StrOpt JSON file representing policy policy_file policy.json


IntOpt number of instance cores allowed per project quota_cores 20
IntOpt number of floating ips allowed per project quota_floating_ips 10
IntOpt number of volume gigabytes allowed per project quota_gigabytes 1000
IntOpt number of instances allowed per project quota_instances 10
IntOpt number of bytes allowed per injected file quota_max_injected_file_content_bytes 10240
IntOpt number of bytes allowed per injected file path quota_max_injected_file_path_bytes 255
IntOpt number of injected files allowed quota_max_injected_files 5
IntOpt number of metadata items allowed per instance quota_metadata_items 128
IntOpt megabytes of instance ram allowed per project quota_ram 51200
IntOpt number of volumes allowed per project quota_volumes 10


StrOpt the topic console auth proxy nodes listen on consoleauth_topic consoleauth
StrOpt driver to use for database access db_driver nova.db
BoolOpt should we use everything for testing fake_tests true
StrOpt Timeout after NN seconds when looking for a host. find_host_timeout 30
IntOpt Size of RPC connection pool rpc_conn_pool_size 30
IntOpt Seconds to wait for a response from call or multicall rpc_response_timeout 60
IntOpt Size of RPC thread pool rpc_thread_pool_size 1024
StrOpt File name of clean sqlite db sqlite_clean_db clean.sqlite
StrOpt availability zone of this service storage_availability_zone nova
BoolOpt if True, will not discover local volumes use_local_volumes true
StrOpt Driver to use for volume creation volume_driver nova.volume.driver.ISCSIDriver
BoolOpt if True will force update capabilities on each check volume_force_update_capabilities false


StrOpt cn for Cloud Admins ldap_cloudadmin cn=cloudadmins,ou=Groups,dc=example,dc=com
StrOpt cn for Developers ldap_developer cn=developers,ou=Groups,dc=example,dc=com
StrOpt cn for ItSec ldap_itsec cn=itsec,ou=Groups,dc=example,dc=com
StrOpt cn for NetAdmins ldap_netadmin cn=netadmins,ou=Groups,dc=example,dc=com
StrOpt LDAP password ldap_password changeme
StrOpt OU for Projects ldap_project_subtree ou=Groups,dc=example,dc=com
IntOpt Current version of the LDAP schema ldap_schema_version 2
StrOpt cn for Sysadmins ldap_sysadmin cn=sysadmins,ou=Groups,dc=example,dc=com
StrOpt Point this at your ldap server ldap_url ldap://localhost
StrOpt DN of admin user ldap_user_dn cn=Manager,dc=example,dc=com
StrOpt Attribute to use as id ldap_user_id_attribute uid
BoolOpt Modify user attributes instead of creating/deleting ldap_user_modify_only false
StrOpt Attribute to use as name ldap_user_name_attribute cn
StrOpt OU for Users ldap_user_subtree ou=Users,dc=example,dc=com
StrOpt OID for Users ldap_user_unit Users
StrOpt OU for Roles role_project_subtree ou=Groups,dc=example,dc=com


ListOpt Allowed roles for project allowed_roles cloudadmin,itsec,sysadmin,netadmin,developer
StrOpt Driver that auth manager uses auth_driver nova.auth.dbdriver.DbDriver
StrOpt Filename of certificate in credentials zip credential_cert_file cert.pem
StrOpt Filename of private key in credentials zip credential_key_file pk.pem
StrOpt Filename of rc in credentials zip %s will be replaced by name of the region (nova by default) credential_rc_file %src
StrOpt Filename of certificate in credentials zip credential_vpn_file nova-vpn.conf
StrOpt Template for creating users rc file credentials_template $pybasedir/nova/auth/novarc.template
ListOpt Roles that apply to all projects global_roles cloudadmin,itsec
ListOpt Roles that ignore authorization checking completely superuser_roles cloudadmin
StrOpt Template for creating users vpn file vpn_client_template $pybasedir/nova/cloudpipe/client.ovpn.template


BoolOpt Treat X-Forwarded-For as the canonical remote address. Only enable this if you have a sanitizing proxy. use_forwarded_for false


BoolOpt Return the IP address as private dns hostname in describe instances ec2_private_dns_show_ip false
StrOpt URL to get token from ec2 request. keystone_ec2_url http://localhost:5000/v2.0/ec2tokens
IntOpt Number of failed auths before lockout. lockout_attempts 5
IntOpt Number of minutes to lockout if triggered. lockout_minutes 15
IntOpt Number of minutes for lockout window. lockout_window 15


BoolOpt Permit instance snapshot operations. allow_instance_snapshots true


StrOpt location of vnc console proxy, in the form "" novncproxy_base_url
BoolOpt enable vnc related features vnc_enabled true
StrOpt keymap for vnc vnc_keymap en-us
StrOpt Ip address on which instance vncserversshould listen vncserver_listen
StrOpt the address to which proxy clients (like nova-xvpvncproxy) should connect vncserver_proxyclient_address
StrOpt location of nova xvp vnc console proxy, in the form "" xvpvncproxy_base_url


StrOpt Address that the XCP VNC proxy should bind to xvpvncproxy_host
IntOpt Port that the XCP VNC proxy should bind to xvpvncproxy_port 6081


StrOpt Backend to use for IPv6 generation ipv6_backend rfc2462


IntOpt Lifetime of a DHCP lease in seconds dhcp_lease_time 120
StrOpt location of nova-dhcpbridge dhcpbridge $bindir/nova-dhcpbridge
StrOpt location of flagfile for dhcpbridge dhcpbridge_flagfile /etc/nova/nova-dhcpbridge.conf
StrOpt dmz range that should be accepted dmz_cidr
StrOpt if set, uses specific dns server for dnsmasq dns_server
StrOpt Override the default dnsmasq settings with this file dnsmasq_config_file
StrOpt Base DN for DNS entries in ldap ldap_dns_base_dn ou=hosts,dc=example,dc=org
StrOpt password for ldap DNS ldap_dns_password password
MultiStrOpt DNS Servers for ldap dns driver ldap_dns_servers dns.example.org
StrOpt Expiry interval (in seconds) for ldap dns driver Statement of Authority ldap_dns_soa_expiry 86400
StrOpt Hostmaster for ldap dns driver Statement of Authority ldap_dns_soa_hostmaster hostmaster@example.org
StrOpt Minimum interval (in seconds) for ldap dns driver Statement of Authority ldap_dns_soa_minimum 7200
StrOpt Refresh interval (in seconds) for ldap dns driver Statement of Authority ldap_dns_soa_refresh 1800
StrOpt Retry interval (in seconds) for ldap dns driver Statement of Authority ldap_dns_soa_retry 3600
StrOpt URL for ldap server which will store dns entries ldap_dns_url ldap://ldap.example.com:389
StrOpt user for ldap DNS ldap_dns_user uid=admin,ou=people,dc=example,dc=org
StrOpt Driver used to create ethernet devices. linuxnet_interface_driver nova.network.linux_net.LinuxBridgeInterfaceDriver
StrOpt Name of Open vSwitch bridge used with linuxnet linuxnet_ovs_integration_bridge br-int
StrOpt MTU setting for vlan network_device_mtu
StrOpt Location to keep network config files networks_path $state_path/networks
StrOpt Interface for public IP addresses public_interface eth0
StrOpt Public IP of network host routing_source_ip $my_ip
BoolOpt send gratuitous ARPs for HA setup send_arp_for_ha false
BoolOpt Use single default gateway. Only first nic of vm will get default gateway from dhcp server use_single_default_gateway false


BoolOpt Autoassigning floating ip to VM auto_assign_floating_ip false
IntOpt Number of addresses reserved for vpn clients cnt_vpn_clients 0
IntOpt Number of attempts to create unique mac address create_unique_mac_address_attempts 5
StrOpt Default pool for floating ips default_floating_pool nova
StrOpt domain to use for building the hostnames dhcp_domain novalocal
BoolOpt If True, skip using the queue and make local calls fake_call false
IntOpt Seconds after which a deallocated ip is disassociated fixed_ip_disassociate_timeout 600
StrOpt Fixed IP address block fixed_range
StrOpt Fixed IPv6 address block fixed_range_v6 fd00::/48
BoolOpt Whether to attempt to inject network setup into guest flat_injected false
StrOpt FlatDhcp will bridge into this interface if set flat_interface
StrOpt Bridge for simple network instances flat_network_bridge
StrOpt Dns for simple network flat_network_dns
StrOpt Floating IP address block floating_range
BoolOpt If True, send a dhcp release on instance termination force_dhcp_release false
StrOpt Default IPv4 gateway gateway
StrOpt Default IPv6 gateway gateway_v6
StrOpt Indicates underlying L3 management library l3_lib nova.network.l3.LinuxNetL3
BoolOpt Default value for multi_host in networks multi_host false
StrOpt Network host to use for ip allocation in flat modes network_host nova
IntOpt Number of addresses in each private subnet network_size 256
IntOpt Number of networks to support num_networks 1
StrOpt vlans will bridge into this interface if set vlan_interface
IntOpt First VLAN for private networks vlan_start 100
StrOpt Public IP for the cloudpipe VPN servers vpn_ip $my_ip
IntOpt First Vpn port for private networks vpn_start 1000


StrOpt HOST for connecting to melange melange_host
IntOpt Number retries when contacting melange melange_num_retries 0
IntOpt PORT for connecting to melange melange_port 9898
StrOpt HOST for connecting to quantum quantum_connection_host
StrOpt PORT for connecting to quantum quantum_connection_port 9696
StrOpt Default tenant id when creating quantum networks quantum_default_tenant_id default
StrOpt Indicates underlying IP address management library quantum_ipam_lib nova.network.quantum.nova_ipam_lib
BoolOpt Add the link local address to the port security list quantum_port_security_include_link_local false
BoolOpt Whether or not to enable DHCP for networks quantum_use_dhcp false
BoolOpt Whether or not to enable port security quantum_use_port_security false
BoolOpt Use Melange for assignment of MAC addresses use_melange_mac_generation false


StrOpt Driver to use for controlling virtualization compute_driver nova.virt.connection.get_connection
StrOpt Console proxy host to use to connect to instances on this host. console_host nova
StrOpt Default notification level for outgoing notifications default_notification_level INFO
StrOpt Default publisher_id for outgoing notifications default_publisher_id $host
IntOpt Number of seconds between instance info_cache self healing updates heal_instance_info_cache_interval 60
IntOpt Interval in seconds for querying the host status host_state_interval 120
IntOpt Number of periodic scheduler ticks to wait between runs of the image cache manager. image_cache_manager_interval 3600
StrOpt where instances are stored on disk instances_path $state_path/instances
IntOpt Number of 1 second retries needed in live_migration live_migration_retry_count 30
IntOpt Automatically hard reboot an instance if it has been stuck in a rebooting state longer than N seconds. Set to 0 to disable. reboot_timeout 0
IntOpt Automatically unrescue an instance after N seconds. Set to 0 to disable. rescue_timeout 0
IntOpt Automatically confirm resizes after N seconds. Set to 0 to disable. resize_confirm_window 0
StrOpt Action to take if a running deleted instance is detected.Valid options are 'noop', 'log' and 'reap'. Set to 'noop' to disable. running_deleted_instance_action log
IntOpt Number of periodic scheduler ticks to wait between runs of the cleanup task. running_deleted_instance_poll_interval 30
IntOpt Number of seconds after being deleted when a running instance should be considered eligible for cleanup. running_deleted_instance_timeout 0


StrOpt Bare-metal driver runs on baremetal_driver tilera
StrOpt Tilera command line program for Bare-metal driver tile_monitor /usr/local/TileraMDE/bin/tile-monitor


BoolOpt Whether to allow in project network traffic baremetal_allow_project_net_traffic true
StrOpt Template file for injected network baremetal_injected_network_template $pybasedir/nova/virt/interfaces.template
StrOpt baremetal domain type baremetal_type baremetal
StrOpt Override the default baremetal URI baremetal_uri
BoolOpt Force backing images to raw format force_raw_images true
ListOpt Order of methods used to mount disk images img_handlers loop,nbd,guestfs
StrOpt Template file for injected network injected_network_template $pybasedir/nova/virt/interfaces.template
IntOpt maximum number of possible nbd devices max_nbd_devices 16
IntOpt time to wait for a NBD device coming up timeout_nbd 10
MultiStrOpt mkfs commands for ephemeral device. The format is = virt_mkfs default=mkfs.ext3 -L %(fs_label)s -F %(target)s


BoolOpt Whether to allow network traffic from same network allow_same_net_traffic true


StrOpt Define block migration behavior. block_migration_flag VIR_MIGRATE_UNDEFINE_SOURCE, VIR_MIGRATE_PEER2PEER, VIR_MIGRATE_NON_SHARED_INC
BoolOpt Write a checksum for files in _base to disk checksum_base_images false
StrOpt CpuInfo XML Template (Used only live migration now) cpuinfo_xml_template $pybasedir/nova/virt/cpuinfo.xml.template
StrOpt Override the default disk prefix for the devices attached to a server, which is dependent on libvirt_type. (valid options are: sd, xvd, uvd, vd) libvirt_disk_prefix
BoolOpt Inject the admin password at boot time, without an agent. libvirt_inject_password false
BoolOpt Use a separated OS thread pool to realize non-blocking libvirt calls libvirt_nonblocking false
StrOpt Libvirt domain type (valid options are: kvm, lxc, qemu, uml, xen) libvirt_type kvm
StrOpt Override the default libvirt URI (which is dependent on libvirt_type) libvirt_uri
BoolOpt Use virtio for bridge interfaces libvirt_use_virtio_for_bridges false
StrOpt The libvirt VIF driver to configure the VIFs. libvirt_vif_driver nova.virt.libvirt.vif.LibvirtBridgeDriver
StrOpt Type of VIF to create. libvirt_vif_type bridge
ListOpt Libvirt handlers for remote volumes. libvirt_volume_drivers 異様に長いので略!
IntOpt Number of seconds to wait for instance to shut down after soft reboot request is made. We fall back to hard reboot if instance does not shutdown within this window. libvirt_wait_soft_reboot_seconds 120
StrOpt Libvirt XML Template libvirt_xml_template $pybasedir/nova/virt/libvirt.xml.template
IntOpt Define live migration behavior live_migration_bandwidth 0
StrOpt Define live migration behavior. live_migration_flag VIR_MIGRATE_UNDEFINE_SOURCE, VIR_MIGRATE_PEER2PEER
StrOpt Define protocol used by live_migration feature live_migration_uri qemu+tcp://%s/system
BoolOpt Should unused base images be removed? remove_unused_base_images false
IntOpt Unused unresized base images younger than this will not be removed remove_unused_original_minimum_age_seconds 86400
IntOpt Unused resized base images younger than this will not be removed remove_unused_resized_minimum_age_seconds 3600
StrOpt Rescue ami image rescue_image_id
StrOpt Rescue aki image rescue_kernel_id
StrOpt Rescue ari image rescue_ramdisk_id
StrOpt Snapshot image format (valid options are : raw, qcow2, vmdk, vdi). Defaults to same as source image snapshot_image_format
BoolOpt Sync virtual and real mouse cursors in Windows VMs use_usb_tablet true


StrOpt Name of Integration Bridge used by Open vSwitch libvirt_ovs_bridge br-int


StrOpt VIM Service WSDL Location e.g http:///vimService.wsdl. Due to a bug in vSphere ESX 4.1 default wsdl. Refer readme-vmware to setup vmwareapi_wsdl_loc


StrOpt The VMWare VIF driver to configure the VIFs. vmware_vif_driver nova.virt.vmwareapi.vif.VMWareVlanBridgeDriver


FloatOpt The number of times we retry on failures, e.g., socket error, etc. Used only if connection_type is vmwareapi vmwareapi_api_retry_count 10
StrOpt URL for connection to VMWare ESX host.Required if connection_type is vmwareapi. vmwareapi_host_ip
StrOpt Password for connection to VMWare ESX host. Used only if connection_type is vmwareapi. vmwareapi_host_password
StrOpt Username for connection to VMWare ESX host. Used only if connection_type is vmwareapi. vmwareapi_host_username
FloatOpt The interval used for polling of remote tasks. Used only if connection_type is vmwareapi vmwareapi_task_poll_interval 5
StrOpt Physical ethernet adapter name for vlan networking vmwareapi_vlan_interface vmnic0


IntOpt time to wait for a block device to be created block_device_creation_timeout 10
StrOpt Default OS type default_os_type linux
IntOpt maximum size in bytes of kernel or ramdisk images max_kernel_ramdisk_size 16777216
StrOpt Filter for finding the SR to be used to install guest instances on. The default value is the Local Storage in default XenServer/XCP installations. To select an SR with a different matching criteria, you could set it to other-config:my_favorite_sr=true. On the other hand, to fall back on the Default SR, as displayed by XenCenter, set this flag to: default-sr:true sr_matching_filter other-config:i18n-key=local-storage
BoolOpt To use for hosts with different CPUs use_join_force true
BoolOpt Whether to use sparse_copy for copying data on a resize down (False will use standard dd). This speeds up resizes down considerably since large runs of zeros won't have to be rsynced xenapi_sparse_copy true


StrOpt Name of Integration Bridge used by Open vSwitch xenapi_ovs_integration_bridge xapi1


IntOpt number of seconds to wait for agent to be fully operational agent_version_timeout 300
BoolOpt Whether to generate swap (False means fetching it from OVA) xenapi_generate_swap false
IntOpt number of seconds to wait for instance to go to running state xenapi_running_timeout 60
StrOpt The XenAPI VIF driver using XenServer Network APIs. xenapi_vif_driver nova.virt.xenapi.vif.XenAPIBridgeDriver


StrOpt IQN Prefix iqn_prefix iqn.2010-10.org.openstack
StrOpt iSCSI Target Host target_host
StrOpt iSCSI Target Port, 3260 Default target_port 3260
StrOpt Specifies the path in which the xenapi guest agent should be located. If the agent is present, network configuration is not injected into the image. Used if connection_type=xenapi and flat_injected=True xenapi_agent_path usr/sbin/xe-update-networking
IntOpt Maximum number of concurrent XenAPI connections. Used only if connection_type=xenapi. xenapi_connection_concurrent 5
StrOpt Password for connection to XenServer/Xen Cloud Platform. Used only if connection_type=xenapi. xenapi_connection_password
StrOpt URL for connection to XenServer/Xen Cloud Platform. Required if connection_type=xenapi. xenapi_connection_url
StrOpt Username for connection to XenServer/Xen Cloud Platform. Used only if connection_type=xenapi. xenapi_connection_username root
IntOpt Timeout in seconds for XenAPI login. xenapi_login_timeout 10
BoolOpt Used to enable the remapping of VBD dev (Works around an issue in Ubuntu Maverick) xenapi_remap_vbd_dev false
StrOpt Specify prefix to remap VBD dev to (ex. /dev/xvdb -> /dev/sdb) xenapi_remap_vbd_dev_prefix sd
StrOpt Base path to the storage repository xenapi_sr_base_path /var/run/sr-mount
IntOpt Max number of times to poll for VHD to coalesce. Used only if connection_type=xenapi. xenapi_vhd_coalesce_max_attempts 5
FloatOpt The interval used for polling of coalescing vhds. Used only if connection_type=xenapi. xenapi_vhd_coalesce_poll_interval 5


StrOpt Driver to use for the console proxy console_driver nova.console.xvp.XVPConsoleProxy
StrOpt Publicly visible name for this console host console_public_hostname nova
BoolOpt Stub calls to compute worker for tests stub_compute false


IntOpt number of retries for retrieving VMRC information console_vmrc_error_retries 10
IntOpt port for VMware VMRC connections console_vmrc_port 443


StrOpt generated XVP conf file console_xvp_conf /etc/xvp.conf
StrOpt XVP conf template console_xvp_conf_template $pybasedir/nova/console/xvp.conf.template
StrOpt XVP log file console_xvp_log /var/log/xvp.log
IntOpt port for XVP to multiplex VNC connections on console_xvp_multiplex_port 5900
StrOpt XVP master process pid file console_xvp_pid /var/run/xvp.pid


IntOpt How many seconds before deleting tokens console_token_ttl 600
StrOpt Manager for console auth consoleauth_manager nova.consoleauth.manager.ConsoleAuthManager


StrOpt parent dir for tempdir used for image decryption image_decryption_dir /tmp
StrOpt access key to use for s3 server for images s3_access_key notchecked
BoolOpt whether to affix the tenant id to the access key when downloading from s3 s3_affix_tenant false
StrOpt secret key to use for s3 server for images s3_secret_key notchecked
BoolOpt whether to use ssl when talking to s3 s3_use_ssl false


StrOpt Template for cloudpipe instance boot script boot_script_template $pybasedir/nova/cloudpipe/bootscript.template
StrOpt Netmask to push into openvpn config dmz_mask
StrOpt Network to push into openvpn config dmz_net
StrOpt Instance type for vpn instances vpn_instance_type m1.tiny


MultiStrOpt List of drivers to send notifications list_notifier_drivers nova.notifier.no_op_notifier


ListOpt AMQP topic used for Nova notifications notification_topics notifications


StrOpt path to s3 buckets buckets_path $state_path/buckets


StrOpt SSL certification authority file (valid only if SSL enabled) kombu_ssl_ca_certs
StrOpt SSL cert file (valid only if SSL enabled) kombu_ssl_certfile
StrOpt SSL key file (valid only if SSL enabled) kombu_ssl_keyfile
StrOpt SSL version to use (valid only if SSL enabled) kombu_ssl_version


IntOpt Seconds between connection keepalive heartbeats qpid_heartbeat 5
StrOpt Qpid broker hostname qpid_hostname localhost
StrOpt Password for qpid connection qpid_password
StrOpt Qpid broker port qpid_port 5672
StrOpt Transport to use, either 'tcp' or 'ssl' qpid_protocol tcp
BoolOpt Automatically reconnect qpid_reconnect true
IntOpt Equivalent to setting max and min to the same value qpid_reconnect_interval 0
IntOpt Maximum seconds between reconnection attempts qpid_reconnect_interval_max 0
IntOpt Minimum seconds between reconnection attempts qpid_reconnect_interval_min 0
IntOpt Max reconnections before giving up qpid_reconnect_limit 0
IntOpt Reconnection timeout in seconds qpid_reconnect_timeout 0
StrOpt Space separated list of SASL mechanisms to use for auth qpid_sasl_mechanisms
BoolOpt Disable Nagle algorithm qpid_tcp_nodelay true
StrOpt Username for qpid connection qpid_username


StrOpt The scheduler host manager class to use scheduler_host_manager nova.scheduler.host_manager.HostManager


FloatOpt Virtual CPU to Physical CPU allocation ratio cpu_allocation_ratio 16


FloatOpt virtual ram to physical ram allocation ratio ram_allocation_ratio 1.5


IntOpt Amount of disk in MB to reserve for host/dom0 reserved_host_disk_mb 0
IntOpt Amount of memory in MB to reserve for host/dom0 reserved_host_memory_mb 512
MultiStrOpt Filter classes available to the scheduler which may be specified more than once. An entry of "nova.scheduler.filters.standard_filters" maps to all filters included with nova. scheduler_available_filters nova.scheduler.filters.standard_filters
ListOpt Which filter class names to use for filtering hosts when not specified in the request. scheduler_default_filters AvailabilityZoneFilter,RamFilter,ComputeFilter


FloatOpt How much weight to give the fill-first cost function. A negative value will reverse behavior: e.g. spread-first compute_fill_first_cost_fn_weight -1
ListOpt Which cost functions the LeastCostScheduler should use least_cost_functions nova.scheduler.least_cost.compute_fill_first_cost_fn
FloatOpt How much weight to give the noop cost function noop_cost_fn_weight 1


StrOpt Default driver to use for the scheduler scheduler_driver nova.scheduler.multi.MultiScheduler


StrOpt Driver to use for scheduling compute calls compute_scheduler_driver nova.scheduler.filter_scheduler.FilterScheduler
StrOpt Driver to use for scheduling volume calls volume_scheduler_driver nova.scheduler.chance.ChanceScheduler


StrOpt Absolute path to scheduler configuration JSON file. scheduler_json_config_location


IntOpt maximum number of instance cores to allow per host max_cores 16
IntOpt maximum number of volume gigabytes to allow per host max_gigabytes 10000
IntOpt maximum number of networks to allow per host max_networks 1000
BoolOpt Allow overcommitting vcpus on isolated hosts skip_isolated_core_check true


StrOpt iscsi target user-land tool to use iscsi_helper ietadm
StrOpt use this ip for iscsi iscsi_ip_address $my_ip
IntOpt Number of iscsi target ids per host iscsi_num_targets 100
IntOpt The port that the iSCSI daemon is listening on iscsi_port 3260
StrOpt prefix for iscsi volumes iscsi_target_prefix iqn.2010-10.org.openstack:
StrOpt number of times to rescan iSCSI target to find volume num_iscsi_scan_tries 3
StrOpt number of times to attempt to run flakey shell commands num_shell_tries 3
StrOpt the rbd pool in which volumes are stored rbd_pool rbd
StrOpt Name for the VG that will contain exported volumes volume_group nova-volumes


StrOpt User name for the DFM server netapp_login
StrOpt Password for the DFM server netapp_password
StrOpt Hostname for the DFM server netapp_server_hostname
IntOpt Port number for the DFM server netapp_server_port 8088
StrOpt Storage service to use for provisioning netapp_storage_service
StrOpt Vfiler to use for provisioning netapp_vfiler
StrOpt URL of the WSDL file for the DFM server netapp_wsdl_url


StrOpt block size for volumes (blank=default,8KB) nexenta_blocksize
StrOpt IP address of Nexenta SA nexenta_host
IntOpt Nexenta target portal port nexenta_iscsi_target_portal_port 3260
StrOpt Password to connect to Nexenta SA nexenta_password nexenta
IntOpt HTTP port to connect to Nexenta REST API server nexenta_rest_port 2000
StrOpt Use http or https for REST connection (default auto) nexenta_rest_protocol auto
BoolOpt flag to create sparse volumes nexenta_sparse false
StrOpt prefix for iSCSI target groups on SA nexenta_target_group_prefix nova/
StrOpt IQN prefix for iSCSI targets nexenta_target_prefix iqn.1986-03.com.sun:02:nova-
StrOpt User name to connect to Nexenta SA nexenta_user admin
StrOpt pool on SA that will hold all volumes nexenta_volume nova


StrOpt Cluster name to use for creating volumes san_clustername
StrOpt IP address of SAN controller san_ip
BoolOpt Execute commands locally instead of over SSH; use if the volume service is running on the SAN device san_is_local false
StrOpt Username for SAN controller san_login admin
StrOpt Password for SAN controller san_password
StrOpt Filename of private key to use for SSH authentication san_private_key
IntOpt SSH port to use with SAN san_ssh_port 22
BoolOpt Use thin provisioning for SAN volumes? san_thin_provision true
StrOpt The ZFS path under which to create zvols for volumes. san_zfs_volume_base rpool/